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The Law Operating System (LawOS) is a Russian digital platform created by lawyers for lawyers. It is a joint working environment equipped with tools to handle the day-to-day operations of all levels of legal department employees. LawOS is based on a data model that transforms knowledge about how the legal function is organized into an entity set and interactions between them which the computer can understand and which are segmented to the level of the most basic elements of business processes. This product is unique to Nextons and is the remarkable result of many years of its legal practice.

Key features

  • The department’s contacts database
  • Task, project and process manager
  • Management system for cases and assets
  • Repository for documents and document templates
  • Risk management toolkit
  • Statistics of the department’s efficiency and workload
  • End-to-end search in the system

Benefits of using LawOS

  • Structured and clustered storage of legal information
  • Clear allocation of individual and group tasks, tracking of employees workload and deadlines for tasks irrespective of their volume
  • Standardization of activities via task, process and document templates
  • Quick search and data exchange
  • Extensive capabilities for analyzing department operations
  • Advanced customization and adaptation of LawOS for a client’s specific needs


In contrast to “out-of-the-box” solutions, we don’t make the client reliant on our system updates. We help make a custom configuration of LawOS by:

  • Thoroughly analyzing the client’s business processes and preparing them to implement LawOS
  • Providing configurable dashboards for different roles and activities
  • Enabling the modification of the data model
  • Carefully configuring LawOS (configuration tools, role model, etc.)
  • Integrating LawOS into the client’s existing IT landscape
  • Making LawOS freely adaptable and configurable by in-house and/or third-party developers
  • Implementing any extra modules for a specific business: compliance, advanced risk management, intellectual property management system, etc.

Results of implementing LawOS

One of the best examples of implementing LawOS is the project we completed for Eqvanta. This project was awarded an Innovations in legal work prize in the 2022 Best legal departments of Russia competition. The project resulted in considerably increasing how fast employees work (-24,2%)* and cutting the number of errors (-24.2%)*. It also improved the company’s business processes and encouraged its team to develop new skills.

*according to an internal survey conducted by Equanta

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What Our Clients Say

“We have changed thanks to LawOS: we have audited our processes and rebuilt them with LawOS’s help. Now we link every process to LawOS and choose the most effective integration route. We no longer fear innovation. LawOS put the legal department's work on new tracks. This was the first step toward fundamentally transforming the team.”Alexandra Novitskaya, Deputy CEO for Corporate Governance and Compliance at Eqvanta Group