Today's world is changing rapidly. Automation of a company's in-house business processes is becoming a necessary condition for effective management. The transition to digital interaction is no longer a trend but the only way of managing processes and data when the amount of information is growing exponentially, whether in intellectual property, real estate, corporate governance or any other fields.

Operating since 2018, the unique Legal Innovations Lab is focused on developing and implementing innovative technologies in the field of law. We provide our clients with a wide range of LegalTech services and products to automate the work of legal departments. The Lab is actively developing the following areas: knowledge management, business process management, automation of the management and legal function, developing and deploying AI-based solutions, managing big data, Legal Design and developing and deploying innovative solutions customized to the client's needs.

Our entire team specializes equally in all industry-specific legal practices. Team members have a high degree of technical training, which enables us to conceptualize a solution for your business. Integrated cooperation with leading Russian developers such as Dolmen and Yandex allows us to put those solutions into action.

Our advantage in such projects is our integrated approach at the nexus of IT, law and business consulting. We have extensive experience advising clients on intellectual property audit, intellectual property management and building business processes. Over the past four years our clients have won Legal Insight awards for “Best Legal Departments of Russia” for knowledge management and legal innovations projects.

Our Products and Services

  • LawOS. The Law Operating System is a modular software environment based on the Russian technology platform. It is intended to support, structure and carry out business processes in legal departments and companies. The system is based on the unique experience of legal advising, organizing and boosting efficiency by saving, systematizing and analyzing various types of legal information. The LawOS can be integrated into any existing client environment and freely accesses both in-house and third-party databases. The LawOS kernel can be used to create modules to automate business processes typical for your legal department.
  • Legal Design. Visualizing and streamlining legal processes to make them more accessible to business. We are expert at using Legal Design principles to modify documents and adapting them for automation. Deploying such solutions relieves owners of processes requiring the management of a large volume of standard documentation: contracts, addenda, powers of attorney, informed consents, claims, applications, job descriptions, etc. This approach speeds up search queries and the process of composing documents. It minimizes errors and cases of using terms unfavorable for the company. The contents of revised documents also become more accessible for employees and contractors. This optimizes both compliance processes and in-house and third-party approval processes.
  • Lawrify. A solution for reviewing and checking documents that is based on one of the best AI technologies that we have developed in cooperation with Yandex. It helps review a large number of similar documents (for example, in audits), search for information in more complex documents by meaning, identify missing parts, defects and risks. Lawrify makes it possible to automate any routine business operations requiring the user to work with a large quantity of information or documents, frees up employees to solve more intellectual tasks, and enables tracking of historical risks across a large number of documents.
  • Intellectual Property Management. Our team has extensive experience with Intellectual Property Management, from auditing existing business processes and developing recommendations for reforming them, to elaborating technical solutions such as technology registers and systems for identifying and evaluating intellectual property legal risks. Our expertise and technologies allow us to protect your intangible assets even better, to update your patent strategy and use flexible tools that help make balanced business solutions that factor in both legal and business risks.
  • Trademark Search System. This is a system for checking the originality of trademarks (logos) based on a neural network, created jointly with scientists from St. Petersburg SPC RAS. The system primarily helps to identify similar trademarks/trademark applications, but the underlying technology can also be used to search for any similar images. Read more about the system here.
  • PrivacyLine is a service for automating compliance in the area of personal data processing. The service allows keeping records of personal data processing activities, information systems and other processing parameters in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152 on Personal Data of July 27, 2006. The information entered into the system can be exported and used to draft in-house documents, consents to personal data processing, reports and other documentation. By using PrivacyLine, companies will be able to reduce their labour costs in complying with personal data requirements, ensure the control over compliance with requirements for data processing activities, and identify risks in a timely manner.

    PrivacyLine is a joint project of Nextons and the law firm DataCase. For more information about the service, please visit the official website:

  • We strengthen your business reputation

      Legal Insight Best Legal Departments of Russia 2019, Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards 2019

        Our team developed the IP Risk Calculator in cooperation with the Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis and Decision-Making (ISAR). It is a system that researches laws, fine limits, court statistics, applicable oversight procedures, economic justification and other parameters.

        MTS has already started using the calculator, which won it an award in Legal Insight’s “Best Legal Departments of Russia 2019” competition. It also made the shortlist of finalists for the “Innovations in the Legal Business: Technologies” of the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards 2019.

          Legal Insight Best Legal Departments of Russia 2019

            Our team assisted with global reform of the IP management system and improvement of the business processes at Power Machines. The scope of work included several key dimensions: technology management, protection of technical documentation, revision of the patent strategy, and structuring the Technologies and Intellectual Property Register. Power Machines won first place in the “Efficient Intellectual Property Management” nomination when it submitted this project to Legal Insight’s professional competition “Best Legal Departments of Russia 2020.”

              Legal Insight Best Legal Departments in Russia 2022

                The LawOS integration project for Eqvanta Group, a leader in alternative finance and financial technologies, was awarded an Innovations in Legal Work prize in the 2022 Best Legal Departments of Russia competition.

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What Our Clients Say

“MTS is actively diversifying its business and is operating in different areas while building its ecosystem. So, it is important for us to get real-time information about any potential risks so that our decisions are as balanced as possible. The project allowed us to considerably optimize in-house processes and introduce a unique tool that enables us to easily orient ourselves in one or another situation.”Ruslan Ibragimov, Board Member and Vice President for Corporate and Legal at MTS PJSC
“We have changed thanks to LawOS: we have audited our processes and rebuilt them with LawOS’s help. Now we link every process to LawOS and choose the most effective integration route. We no longer fear innovation. LawOS put the legal department's work on new tracks. This was the first step toward fundamentally transforming the team.”Alexandra Novitskaya, Deputy CEO for Corporate Governance and Compliance at Eqvanta Group