Nextons’ team offers years of experience in advising companies in the transportation industry, has an in-depth understanding of the industry and is fully equipped to provide clients with a wide range of legal services in such sectors as aviation, rail transport, road transport, maritime transport. Our experience in freight forwarding and logistics projects includes involvement in the development of complex multi-purpose systems and advising on the legal issues involved, as well as the modeling of new logistics networks in light of the latest legislative and regulatory developments. We are familiar with the end user because we have been in the postal and logistics markets for decades and represent manufacturers and suppliers who use transportation services.

Key Service Areas

  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Government Regulation
  • Transportation Infrastructure and PPPо
  • Logistics in the Transport Sector
  • Transportation Regulation
  • Manufacturing and Supply
  • Transport Sector Transactions
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Transportation Technology and IT
  • Transportation Finance
  • Freight and Logistics

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What Our Clients Say

“They are outstanding in the transport sector, and have been highly active in the aviation, shipping and automotive industries.”

“The firm’s broad-ranging local capabilities allow it to provide a full service to clients in transportation sector.”The Legal 500